Bad weather can be a major cause of slip and fall accidents, both indoors and outdoors. If you have been injured in a public place because you slipped and fell, you may have a claim against the owner or the responsible party for that public place.

Cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and other Pennsylvania cities often see a lot of bad weather. These cities get a lot of rain in the spring and summer seasons, and they can see heavy snow and ice in the winter months. As anyone who has walked or driven in these kinds of weather conditions knows, it can often make roads, sidewalks, and even floors in public places very slippery if people have tracked in snow and ice on their shoes. These can create unsafe conditions for people to walk, and can often lead to injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents.

How Bad Weather Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

One common cause of weather related slip and fall accidents is when people coming in from bad weather outside track in water, snow, and ice on their shoes. This can make the floors in public places, especially in stores or lobbies of buildings, very slippery and unsafe to walk on. The owner of the building or the company using the space is responsible for keeping the floors safe for the public and any employees. This means cleaning up water, ice, and snow if it is tracked in, or at the very least putting up a Wet Floor sign to indicate hazardous spots. If the employer or owner knew or should have known about these hazards, and did not take precautions, they may be legally responsible for your injuries and your resulting medical bills.

Slip and fall accidents in bad weather can also occur outside, especially on public sidewalks or in privately owned parking lots. Black ice (or ice that is hard to see on pavement) can be especially dangerous, and slipping and falling in bad weather outside can be very painful and cause serious injuries. As with indoor spaces, the person responsible for the safety of these outdoor areas must keep them safe and warn people about the possibilities of hazardous weather conditions.

Call a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident because of bad weather, you may be wondering what to do. These types of accidents can result in injuries ranging from broken bones and bruises to head or spinal injuries. All of these injuries require medical attention, and that can mean medical bills that you may struggle to pay. You may even be unable to return to work after your accident, which puts you and your family in an even worse financial position.

But if the owner or manager of the building was negligent, they may be financially responsible for paying for your medical bills. If you call a slip and fall lawyer right away, your attorney can help you with your case. We will help gather evidence to prove the negligence of the owner, employer, or manager. We will also handle the financial arrangements with their insurance company, whether that means ensuring you get a fair settlement to cover your medical bills or taking them to court to make sure they cooperate.

But the longer you wait, the harder it may be to gather the right evidence and the more difficult your financial situation may become. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can begin working on your case right away.

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