Although you make think that slip and fall accidents only occur because of wet or slippery floors, they are often also caused by uneven or cluttered walking surfaces. These accidents are almost always caused as a result of someone else’s negligence. If you have been hurt because you tripped and fell in a store, restaurant, office building, or other public place, know that it is not your fault. An experienced Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney can help you with your claim and make sure that the responsible party covers your medical bills.

What Causes Trip and Fall Accidents?

The most common way that tripping accidents occur is when an employer does not maintain surfaces. If floorboards are loose or uneven, or if carpeting has come loose, it can cause a major tripping hazard. This is the fault of the owner of the space or the employer responsible for the space, because keeping floors in good repair is an important part of their job. If they knew or should have known about the need for a repair, and they did not take appropriate action to get it fixed or to warn people about it, then they are legally responsible for any injuries the flooring hazard caused.

This can also happen on public sidewalks or staircases. If stairs are uneven or if sidewalks are cracked or warped, it is easy for someone to trip on them. The municipality responsible for public sidewalks, or the building owner or manager with uneven stairwells, needs to address these issues or they will be responsible for any consequential injuries.

Another tripping hazard is when areas are cluttered or crowded, especially narrow areas like hallways or stairwells. This can happen in office buildings or in other work spaces, and can cause a hazard for employees. Stairwells and hallways need to be free of clutter so that people can pass through them safely. If they are so crowded that it is easy to trip and fall and hurt yourself, your employer is responsible because they should have kept those spaces clear and safe.

What to Do If You Have Been Hurt in a Trip and Fall Accident

The first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. You need to visit a doctor or the emergency room to have your injuries treated, even if it seems like you might be fine. Things like bone fractures or concussions sometimes do not show symptoms right away. You need to take care of yourself medically before doing anything else.

After you have been treated, you should call our offices and contact one of our Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers. Our lawyers have years of experience handling trip and fall accidents, and we know how the process works and how to ensure that your rights are protected.

The responsible owner or employer will try to say that they were not negligent. However, your lawyer can help find evidence to prove them wrong and to show that their negligence caused your injury. Then, your lawyer will negotiate with the responsible owner or employer’s insurance company and demand a settlement that will cover your medical bills and any income you lost if you could not return to work right away. If they will not work with you, we will take them to court and get you compensation for your injuries. Don’t wait — call us today.

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